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Dark Matter Steam


£ 15.29


NOTICE: Activation key must be used on
a valid Steam account. Requires internet connection.


Dark Matter is a 2.5D side-scrolling survival horror game, set in a
derelict spaceship besieged by a sinister alien presence, and
infested with deadly parasites. As the Ensign, you must explore
fetid hallways and abandoned facilities, scavenging for parts and
blueprints, expanding your arsenal to up to four deadly weapons and
freely customize each to fit your combat style against intelligent,
reactive enemies. Dark Matter delivers a hard-hitting take on the
survival horror genre in deep space, with a heavy emphasis on
tactical combat and exploration.


Out of breath, you run into the door, slamming against its cold
metal surface. The clicking of scuttling claws recedes into the
distance, swallowed by the pitch black oblivion behind you. You
know better than to feel safe. There are too many infested at your
back, and another blank metal door ahead. With a quick reflex you
check your ammo supplies, and slot a fresh magazine into your
shotgun. With a quicker prayer, you flick the switch and open the
door. The metal jaws open on endless night you don’t dare pierce
with your flashlight, not to disturb those things that live in
shadow. By the pale bioluminescence that washes up from the floor
grates, you piece together the picture of a corridor, and what
could be a stretch of exploding pods. Just beyond, the silhouette
of a fully grown crawler stirs.

Grinning in the dark, you turn on the weapon’s flashlight, and
point it straight down the corridor. Predictably, the blisters
swell up to full irritation, ready to explode at the slightest
touch. The crawler turns to hiss at you, instantly aroused by the
light, and your presence. In your mind’s eye, it dumbly rushes
forward into the blister pods to kill itself, saving you precious

It takes a precious moment to adjust to reality when the sleek
shape crouches and jumps towards you instead. There is time for
just one panicked shot before the inevitable flight, as you run for
your life, barely keeping ahead of the claws slashing for you. In a
moment of adrenaline-fuelled inspiration, you slam the wall panel
as you retreat past the chamber’s door. The heavy, powerful
mechanism smoothly slices the crawler in half just before the
critter can reach and disembowel you. There is no time to
congratulate yourself, as you hear a familiar hissing from


  • 14 levels in a gritty tale of deep space survival
  • 4 weapons, each with 4 ammo types. Elemental ammo effects that
    allow you to freeze, dissolve, electrocute or set fire to your
  • Four craftable upgrades to customize your weapons.
  • Collect scrap and alien resources to craft your own tools and
    health packs.
  • Invest in the weapons and upgrades you prefer, develop your own
    combat techniques.
  • Non-linear exploration and storytelling with complex enemy AI
    that reacts to the player’s actions and tactics.
  • Light and darkness are integral parts of gameplay, not just
    visual touches.
  • Uncompromisingly real-time lights and shadow casting for
    spine-tingling moments of pure, darkness-fuelled terror.
  • Clean, hand-painted textures and custom shading techniques are
    combined in a unique visual style.
  • Dynamic soundtrack that adapts to gameplay circumstances.
  • SteamCloud support and Steam Achievements
  • Dark Matter will fully embrace Steamplay for Windows, OSX and

System requirements


  • OS: Windows XP
  • Processor: 2 GHz
  • Memory: 1024 MB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 500 MB available space