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Endless Space 2 – Definitive Edition Steam


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about the game

Endless Space 2 – Definitive Edition

Endless Space 2 is Amplitude Studios’ third title in the acclaimed Endless™ Universe. This Strategic Space Opera is set in the mysterious universe of the “Endless”, God-like beings now long gone… though the secrets of their time still echo throughout the galaxy.

Become the leader of one of twelve unique factions as the benevolent guide your people need, or as a charismatic tyrant serving your own interests and building the influence of your empire. 

Explore the galaxy and encounter new life forms. Whether to befriend or to conquer them is up to you, regardless, you’ll need to build a strong fleet and adapt quickly to overcome those who cause a threat to your rule.

Whichever route you choose, delve into this adventure in its most complete form with the Definitive Edition which, along with the base game, includes:

Endless Space® 2 – Vaulters

The resilient and stubborn Vaulters left the dying planet of Auriga for a new chance at finding a place they can finally call home.

Endless Space® 2 – Supremacy

Meet the Hissho, a militaristic faction focused on expanding their empire and subjugating those who stand in their way.

Endless Space® 2 – Untold Tales

Even if they are not the leading forces of the galaxy, minor factions still have their own heroes and their own stories: hear them out.

Endless Space® 2 – Lost Symphony

The Harmony are back. The travelers of this minor faction are experts at exploiting resources and will be invaluable allies.  Also includes seven exclusive music tracks.

Endless Space® 2 – Harmonic Memories

Enjoy nine remastered tracks from the original Endless Space as well as a new Harmony Hero: FES2 Reflects.

Endless Space® 2 – Celestial Worlds

The Leader of the Academy’s influence is wavering, and Restless Heroes start to rise… this epic multiple ending questline will make each of your decisions count.

Endless Space® 2 – Penumbra

The Umbral Choir faction does not usually meddle with the rest of the denizens of the galaxy, but even they cannot ignore its death cry.

Endless Space® 2 – Awakening

The Nakalim faction was once a vast galactic empire under the guidance of their gods, the Lost. When the Lost were slain, the Nakalim fell from grace. They now seek to reclaim their ancient territories.

Endless Space® 2 – Dark Matter

With twelve new story quests, investigate ancient mysteries and… less ancient problems caused by unruly subjects of your empire.

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