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My Summer Adventure: Memories of Another Life Steam

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NOTICE: Activation key must be used on a valid Steam account. Requires an internet connection.

My name is Maksim Laas. I’m just a simple guy from Tallinn with a most ordinary life, which has its ups and downs, though admittedly the latter have been somewhat more prevalent lately.

After breaking up with my ex, the world around me lost its usual colors, and my life quickly grew into a gray, dreary, and inescapable routine. At least that’s what I thought… Until something unbelievable happened without warning: I dozed off for a second during a commute, then suddenly woke up in another country… in someone else’s body!

Thus began my unforgettable summer adventure.

My Summer Adventure: Memories of Another Life is a visual novel about love and strings of fates intertwined by a single supernatural event.

The hero will have to live several unforgettable days as Akira Kojima (no relation to THAT Kojima) and make acquaintance with some very charming girls. Perhaps this little summer adventure will alter the protagonist’s fate? Or is there more than just his future that is at stake here?


  • A love story where your choice affects the characters’ destiny! – A narrative full of humor and drama where your decisions influence the rest of the story. Find out where your choice may lead you and see how it influences those around you!
  • Win hearts or break them – You will meet two pretty girls, each with their own backstory, feelings, and worries. Kyoko is your friendly and kind-hearted next-door neighbour, always ready to help. Haruko is the complete opposite: she is brazen and even rude at times, leaving her true personality a mystery for the protagonist to unravel. Think carefully before you decide to open up to either one of them!
  • Colorful anime scenery – A myriad of detailed backgrounds and illustrations will immerse you in the atmosphere of romantic anime and fill you with nostalgia for school days, warm summers, and adventures of the heart!